Ranking Every Big Time Rush Album: From Good to Iconic

Big Time Rush, the American pop band that captured the hearts of millions with their catchy tunes and charismatic TV show, has an impressive discography that showcases their growth as artists. Let’s delve into each album, ranking them from good to iconic, while also exploring the world of Big Time Rush merchandise that keeps their legacy alive.

1. “BTR” (2010)

The Debut: Good

The debut album, “BTR,” is where it all began. Released in 2010, this album introduced the world to Kendall, James, Carlos, and Logan. With hit singles like “Boyfriend” and “Til I Forget About You,” “BTR” laid a solid foundation for the band’s musical journey. The album is filled with high-energy tracks that perfectly complemented the vibe of their Nickelodeon show. While “BTR” is nostalgic and enjoyable, it lacks the polish and depth found in their later works, placing it at the good but not yet iconic level.

2. “Elevate” (2011)

The Sophomore Success: Great

“Elevate” marked a significant step up for Big Time Rush. Released in 2011, this album showed a more mature and refined sound. Tracks like “Music Sounds Better With U” and “Elevate” were instant hits, displaying a growth in their musicality and production quality. The album also ventured into more diverse genres, incorporating elements of rock and dance-pop. “Elevate” solidified Big Time Rush as not just TV stars, but legitimate musicians. The title itself reflects the band’s rise in the music industry, making this album a great one in their discography.

3. “24/Seven” (2013)

The Pinnacle: Iconic

“24/Seven” is often considered Big Time Rush’s magnum opus. Released in 2013, this album captures the essence of the band at the peak of their powers. With hits like “Like Nobody’s Around,” “Confetti Falling,” and “We Are,” “24/Seven” is a masterclass in pop music. The lyrics are more personal and the production is top-notch, showcasing the band’s evolution. This album also coincided with a successful tour, further cementing its iconic status. “24/Seven” is not just an album; it’s a testament to Big Time Rush’s lasting impact on pop music.

Big Time Rush Merchandise

Alongside their music, Big Time Rush has built a robust merchandise empire that continues to thrive. From the early days of t-shirts and posters to more sophisticated offerings, Big Time Rush merch has evolved with the band and its fanbase.

Early Merchandise: The Basics

During the “BTR” era, the band’s merchandise primarily included basics like t-shirts, posters, and keychains. These items featured album covers and promotional images, catering to young fans eager to show their support. The simplicity of this merch matched the band’s initial foray into the music scene—fresh, accessible, and full of youthful energy.

“Elevate” Merchandise: Expanding Horizons

With the release of “Elevate,” Big Time Rush’s merchandise line expanded. This era saw the introduction of more varied and creative items such as hoodies, accessories, and even limited-edition items like signed albums and exclusive tour posters. The merch began to reflect the band’s more mature and polished image, appealing to an older and more diverse fanbase.

“24/Seven” Merchandise: The Pinnacle of Creativity

The “24/Seven” era brought the most iconic and innovative merchandise. The tour associated with this album featured an extensive range of products, from high-quality apparel to unique collectibles like vinyl records and custom-designed jewelry. The band’s merchandise strategy cleverly integrated with their branding, with items that fans could use daily, such as backpacks, phone cases, and stylish apparel that went beyond mere band t-shirts.

Legacy and Beyond

Even after their hiatus, Big Time Rush merch remains popular. Vintage items from earlier albums are highly sought after by collectors, while new releases, especially around reunion rumors and events, keep the excitement alive. Their online store continues to cater to both nostalgic fans and new followers, proving that the band’s brand has a lasting appeal.


Ranking Big Time Rush’s albums from good to iconic reveals a trajectory of growth and maturation that few bands achieve. From the fresh and fun vibes of “BTR” to the sophisticated sounds of “Elevate,” and finally, to the pinnacle of pop perfection with “24/Seven,” Big Time Rush’s discography is a journey worth celebrating. Their merchandise, evolving alongside their music, has played a crucial role in maintaining their legacy, allowing fans to carry a piece of the band with them in their daily lives. Whether you’re a longtime fan or a new listener, diving into Big Time Rush’s albums and merch is a nostalgic and enjoyable experience.


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